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I Flow Chart of WPC Production

II. To supply technical support data to customers 
(i) Range of workshop process design 
1. Production line layout plan design 
2.  Workshop internal process, electrical, and pipeline design

(ii) Technical Service 
Supply total unit of technical software, including process commissioning, production, and equipment management documents. 
Responsible for machines commissioning.

(iii) Installation and commissioning guide

 1.Installation of total production line
 2.Empty load running 
 3.Machines running with material process

(iv) Technical documents and support 
 1.Machines layout diagram
 2. Machines base diagram
 3. Electrical and pipeline diagram
 4. Flow chart of production

III. SKY WIN cooperated with several universities and institutes 
Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University, Anhui Agricultural University





IV. Professors and Advisors 


Professor Li Dagang: Post-doctoral of Wood Science at Nanjing Forestry University, Director of Packing engineering department, wood industry college, NFU.


Dr. Wang Qingwen: Director of China WPC Project 863 and 948, Cheung Kong Scholars


V. SKY WIN has established a strong team for perfect service
In order to make good service for customers, SKY WIN has her own engineers for before-sale service, process and formula, installation and commissioning, etc..


VI. Product experiment center 
There are experiment machines for pelletizing, extrusion, press molding, etc. in order to supply demonstration or testing service to customers on formulas and product characteristics.